Braid Anatomy, LLC is leading Salon Professionals in the Hampton roads area into becoming their own boss. Since 2019, we’ve been fierce advocates of Hustle & Motivating, all across the braiding industry. We extend our Salon environment to those that are building their clientele and traveling salon professionals. Are you a beginner in the beauty world? Let us take your career to the next level. Seeking a professional environment? Get in touch to book one of our Salon slots.

Braid Anatomy is super excited to introduce Salon Slots. Where you can now reserve a Salon booth on a daily, time slot basis. Reserve your booth today!

With Salon Slots, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Experience a Salon environment for the first time or many times

  • No Commitment

  • Great for traveling Stylists, Braiders and MUA

  • Networking purposes

  • Clientele Building

  • Reserve a Salon Booth, for up to 12 hours a day!

    12 hr

    50 US dollars

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