She's gotta have it!

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

Since a young girl, i have known my passion. In today's society, we have been molded to just attend college and work. What if you don't even know your true purpose yet? What if your major doesn't even match as far as your imagination can go? Not saying for you to not attend college but for you to attend college and earn a degree in something you can truly grow with. I started college right after high school, to pursue my Engineering Degree. I enjoyed drawing but as i went through the courses, i attended courses that i was not interested in. This caused for me to no longer care if i passed the class or not. I decided to take a break from school, as i had to get my mental thoughts together for a while. Self Care! After marriage and our third child, i decided to go to college for Business, instead. Attending these business courses at a later age, helped change my mindset into a more business-driven, mentality. If i had tapped into my purpose and passion, a few years ago, i could have been a millionaire by now. However, the older I got, the more I realized that it is process. That process requires patience. I am sharing this with you because i have found my purpose. And it did not happen overnight. I had to find ME and embrace Me, to know MY WORTH & VALUE. Today marks DAY 1, of me getting a step closer to my dreams. Through my journey, i am learning the game. Therefore, i will be sharing the game, with all of you. We are striving for success! She's gotta have it!!!

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