Braiders Guidance

To be successful in the Beauty industry, Braiders need guidance. So I’m here for it!!!!

I’ve been braiding hair since I was 7 years old but that’s not what made me a pro at braiding. I became a pro, once I decided to stop spending my money on materialistic things, I had to stop allowing my environment to stunt my growth and I had to get serious about my journey . As a result of that, I was able to attend classes that enhanced my skills. I then gained confidence in myself and became more focused more than ever before.

I grew up around Cosmetologists and Braiders, but if you were a Braider back in the 90s and 2000s, people were in business with the “I’m not showing you my technique” mentality. That mentality really never changed until recently, when Braided Rebel made it comfortable for many Braiders, to begin sharing resources. Out of fear that someone could potentially be better than them. Which is why I am here to guide my people in the right direction, now that I have found the way.

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