Our Mentorship Program is designed to educate and stimulate the career of Rising Braiders.
Who are Rising Braiders?
A Braider that is ready to take their braiding skills and career to a higher level of having a booked calendar, perfecting skills and Business knowledge. 
Why you need a Mentor?
Are you planning to start your own braiding career? Are you new to the braiding industry? Have you been braiding for a while but need help enhancing your skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this Mentorship Program is for you.
What you'll Gain: 
  • Box Braid, Feed-In Fundamentals​ and more
  • Experience working with customers 
  • Build up Confidence
  • Gain Product Knowledge
  • Wellness Enlightenment
  • Communication Skills


4-Week Schedule:


Week 1 - Salon Etiquette

  • Enhance Customer Service skills

  • Learn effective communication

  • Build up your confidence

Week 2 - Hands-On

  • Gain product knowledge

  • Hair cleanse and blow drying method

  • Hair intake method

  • Parting Method

  • Hair Installation

Week 3 - Business Planning

  • Create a Business page

  • Open a Booking Page

  • Learn Branding

  • Content Planning

  • Gain Marketing strategies 

  • Practice Braiding

Week 4 - It's Launch Week

  • Announce your Business

  • Post Planned Content

  • Begin booking clients

Application Form

Admission for this course is $600